Özdoğru Law Office

Our law firm is an Istanbul-based company that serves Turkey in general. We offer various services such as litigation, legal consultancy, preventive law, registration processes of trademarks and designs, and legal processes for natural persons and corporate entities. Our office always prioritizes providing a professional and qualified lawyer service by acting quickly and effectively within the framework of the principles of transparency and accountability.

Our law firm consists of attorneys and consultants who trained in Turkey's most respected law school, internalized the notion of law, gained a huge level of experience in Turkey's most prestigious firms and corporate companies. When we need an expert opinion on a case, we have corporate partners that we work together such as Professional Customs Consultants, Social Security Experts, Financial Advisors, expert academicians.

Who We Are

As Özdoğru Law Office, we attach a high level of importance to art, human and nature and we refuse to fabricate profession of law by keeping the concept of "boutique lawyer" preliminary without sacrificing professionalism and last but not the least of all, we act in a client-focused manner rather than a customer based one by finding solutions to the needs of the ‘client’.

How Can We Help You?

As Özdoğru Law Office, we have worked hard to be able to give you the best service in your quest for all legal solutions. Fill in our contact form immediately and let’s discuss together what we can do for you.


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