Private Law

The determination of the right of ownership arising out of creation of publications such as cinema works, science and literature works, fine art works, musical works, protection of the financial and moral rights of the owners and performers, compensation cases and material and immaterial rights transfers as well.

These rights, which are briefly protected under the heading of Industrial Property, have gained importance in an increasingly competitive environment. Many people try to protect these rights within the scope of the registration and possess various legal possibilities this way. In this respect, our office provides services in many matters such as infringement of trademark, patent and design rights, confiscation of material and moral damages and reputation damages, counterfeiting trademarks and designs, criminal and legal applications that can be made regarding this issue, determination of real holder of rights, invalidation and cancellation lawsuits.

We provide services regarding management contracts, advertising contracts, the preparation of sponsorship contracts, the denial for violations of the right of personality made by written and visual media, and the procedures for the opening of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages cases.

We provide services in all kinds of legal proceedings for the cancellation of the objection to the execution orders based on commercial receivables, the removal of the objection, actions of negative declaratory, action for the claims and receivables.

Especially the construction sector being the most invested and profitable one in Turkey brings with it a number of legal problems. In addition to following the lawsuits in this area, the shortcomings and problems in the construction contracts are also important. We provide legal services related to construction contracts, including issues such as prevention of intervention, cancellation of partnership, cancellation and registration of land title, land ownership, zoning and expropriation, preparation and revision of construction contracts.

We provide services for the settlement of many legal disputes such as preparation of the company establishment, preparation of general board and board documents, opening branch offices of foreign companies in Turkey and removing from the partnership pursuant to Corporate Law Legislation and resolving the partnership.

Besides offering execution of invoices and similar trades from buyers effectively and the fastest way of collecting these. We especially offer services for preparing mortgage contracts of the companies desiring to reduce their risks by linking the receivables to encumbrance in advance, execution of mortgage transactions in title deed and procedures for mortgage persecution regarding due and payable debts.

We provide legal assistance in matters such as preparation, examination and revision of lease contracts for houses and businesses, preparation and examination of franchise contracts which are a mixed system. We also provide services for the settlement of disputes arising from lease laws such as the case of determination of the price of the leased property, adaptation cases and the tenant's eviction.

In companies growing in an uncontrolled manner, many incompatibilities arise in the workplace such as overtime work, termination of business contracts over unfair and abstract causes and mobbing. In this context, our office is very competent for cases like reemployment lawsuit and the matters like collecting severance and notice payments and payments of overtime work. At the same time, regarding problems in companies, especially in human resources departments, our office also provides preventive legal / advisory services such as revising the entire business processes and other Human Resources processes to take measures to minimize or even completely prevent business cases to be filed against the company and preparing internal discipline regulations.

Besides offering services for preparing the necessary protocols and completing the procedures in dispute-free divorce cases, disputing divorce cases and custody cases, we also offer services for especially the matters gaining activity since the adoption of the Law on the Prevention of Violence Against Women, such as the taking of injunctions for the elimination of harmful spouse from the home.

Public Law

In cases where domestic law remedies have been exhausted, it is possible to make an application to the European Court of Human Rights under the prescribed conditions. In addition, with the opening of the individual application route to the Constitutional Court from 2010 onwards, there are applications to the Constitutional Court for the determination of compensation or the violation of the law in case of violations of the Constitution, the European Convention of Human Rights and other international contracts which Turkey is a party to. In particular, there are many applications filed before the ECHR and the Constitutional Court within the context of the Right to Life, The Prohibition of Torture, Freedom and Security of the Person and Fair Prosecution. Considering that these applications are often rejected due to procedural deficiencies without even observing the merits of the case, there is a need for the help of an expert in this field.

Either as claimant or suspect / defendant attorney, with our expert team, we provide service at every stage of the investigation and prosecution related to crimes against assets such as theft, fraud, abuse of trust and very common crimes of insult in media and communication sector, crimes against private life and hidden area of life.

In this area, where the legislation is quite complicated and unclear, we provide services such as obtaining foreigners' residence permits and work permits in Turkey and extending periods thereof.

At this field containing many subjects and discipline such as Criminal Law, Intellectual Rights, Personality Rights, we offer many services at various areas such as especially fraud and insults taking place over the internet, violations of personality rights, removal of fraudulent social media accounts opened on behalf of persons or content on internet sites.

Who We Are

As Özdoğru Law Office, we attach a high level of importance to art, human and nature and we refuse to fabricate profession of law by keeping the concept of "boutique lawyer" preliminary without sacrificing professionalism and last but not the least of all, we act in a client-focused manner rather than a customer based one by finding solutions to the needs of the ‘client’.

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